Working successfully with Japan

Are you selling to, or working with, a Japanese company?

Need some translation or interpretation?

Need some Japanese business culture tips?

Qi Concepts helps UK companies who want to communicate with Japanese companies. We offer:

  • Translation, interpretation and Japanese website development.
  • Japanese market research.
  • One-on-one training in Japanese business language and culture for UK executives about to visit Japan.
  • Masterclasses on Japanese business culture and language.
  • Or a bit of everything: all these services can be provided in a regular service contract at Gold, Silver or Bronze level.

Our bi-lingual Japanese business consultant, Kiyoko Naish, co-authored the recent ‘Teach Yourself Business Japanese’ book and is a regular speaker on ‘language and culture briefing’ for executives joining trade missions to Japan. Kiyoko leads the client relationship and manages our diverse team of associate consultants to deliver the highest quality service to clients.


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Case studies:

  • Translated a complex print cost optimisation software programme from English to Japanese and ensured Japanese user manuals fully reflected the Japanese language version of the software.
  • Developed Japanese language webpages on a client website that offered the services that Japanese customers were looking for.
  • Helped an engineering company who was planning/negotiating a joint venture with a Japanese company.
  • One-on-one training in Japanese business language and culture for UK executives about to re-locate to Japan.
  • One-day masterclasses for groups of executives with Japanese experience, who wish to update themselves on the latest Japanese business culture and language.

Our clients include Serco Railtest, a large Japanese motor manufacturer and many engineering SME’s.



‘We were extremely impressed by your interpretation of our dialogue, then explaining it to our visitors.  The content of the questions they asked in return showed you did an excellent job in the interpretation and communication.’

Russ Fiorey, Operaitons Manger, Markem Technology Ltd. Nottingham, UK

Japanese language and culture training:

‘Kiyoko was an excellent trainer – she gave a good insight into the Japanese mindset as well as the business aspect.  The language and culture context was relevant and pitched just right for the objectives.’

Claire McQuillan, UK Trade and Investment

Japanese organisations looking to do business in the UK?