Learning Japanese

Qi Concepts helps you  learn Japanese, whether it is a few phrases for your next business trip to Japan, the JPLT or ‘survival Japanese’ for a long-term assignment.

The learning method is flexible to meet your needs. Our UK-qualified Japanese teacher will create a tailored a curriculum for your organisation:

  • Face- to-face tuition
  • E-learning – online distance learning at your convenient time and place
  • A virtual classroom teaching via web conference software
  • UK-accredited course
  • A one-day training course to understand the Japanese culture and language together.


We offer an interpreting service for when your Japanese business associates visit you in the UK. A good interpreter is vital to closing an important deal. We can interpret both the language and the underlying Japanese body language which often says more than words. Japanese people’s smiles, occasional long silences and subtle facial expressions often confuse people from other countries. A good interpreter can ‘read between the lines’ to tell you what they really mean by their communication.



We can modify your website so it is suitable for Japanese readers. This involves translation, of course, but we also advise on all the marketing techniques, appropriate style and terminology that will make your business proposition more attractive to the Japanese market.

Case studies:

  • An engineering company who was planning or negotiating a joint venture with a Japanese company.
  • One-on-one training in Japanese business language and culture for UK executives about to re-locate to Japan.
  • One-day masterclasses for groups of executives with Japanese experience, who wish to update themselves on the latest Japanese business culture and language.